[Fashion News] – Peaches Geldof Dies

Evening to you all, 


Some sad news regarding the shocking passing of Peaches Geldof. The daughter of Bob Geldof and late mother, Paula Yates. She tragically passed today and was found at her home by Kent police at 1.35pm. The death which was then explained as ‘sudden’ & ‘unexplained’ by the police has shocked the nation.

The young lady was known for her tv presenting and was a mother to her two sons, Astala Dylan Willow & Phaedra Bloom Forever. The full coverage of this tragic news can be found in the link below.



My thoughts are with the family.




3 thoughts on “[Fashion News] – Peaches Geldof Dies

  1. Dude I know, I heard about this too

    MY MUM HAD TO TELL ME ,but even thought I didn’t really know who she was, I was sad because I heard her name in the news a bunch of times before – and to think that we won’t really see her name the same way again is really sad.

    I hope it wasn’t drugs, hearing another drugs story is horrible ;-;

      1. I can’t really find the word to explain death, it’s not really sad but

        even though i didn’t know her, it’s more like emptiness. Like there’s one less person in the world that could’ve been there D:

        This sounds horrible but now I really wonder who’s going to die next – It’s more unusual to see all these big name people dying around us ;- ;

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