[Fashion News] – My First Dolce & Gabbana Shoes

So the other week, Georgina and myself headed up to Birmingham which I shall write a post about on my day off tomorrow? If I’ve got the day off!!

So I went to TK Maxx which for me is almost like setting fire to my money. Usually I pick up some nice deals but in the Bull Ring centre in Birmingham Centre I noticed the men’s section was huge. After collecting some clothes I headed to the shoe section downstairs and browsed what I believed, wouldn’t be a big selection with the clown feet I have. Oh how I was wrong, there in front of me was fairly nice selection. I gave the once over and picked up some joke shoes to try on and some I liked.

After browsing I went back to the selection and something caught my eye. Something silver with a nice design. I picked them up and turned to Georgina holding this pair of shoes. She said, ‘what are those’ and I replied ‘Dolce & Gabbana’.


We both gave each other the ‘look’ as in the look you give someone to say, go for it! I sat down next to her holding this pair and the design was so nice. I tried them on and they were awfully comfortable. I thought to myself, when am I ever going to hold a pair of D&G shoes and was glad I tried them on. I then thought about my blog and thought I need to buy these. I checked the tag and they were £480 down to £99. I’d made up my mind as I turned to Georgina with another look saying ‘yes’.


Her look back was a mixture of doubt and certainty. In the end she couldn’t believe when I was already walking to the cashier. We both felt like we were being reckless and crazy. It was a comical day and full of laughs and great buys. I do not regret my D&G purchase, just need a nice place to wear them too. Hopefully the future for me if I continue to work hard, holds nice labels. The gold selection label meant that this was a sort of one off in the store.


As you can see with the shoes, one is slightly off colour which is fine, a little buffering and polish and I can get them both looking sharp.


Many thanks for reading! Do you readers have any stories of the first time you have bought your first top designer brand? I’d love to read them! Comment below!


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