[Fashion News] – Daisy Lowe, The New Nigella?

British fashion model Daisy Lowe has just finished her first cookery book to be published on July 3rd later this year. The book is called ‘Sweetness & Light’.


The model who is wheat and dairy intolerant spent her time trying to find recipes to suit her needs. Then decided to create her own book for others with similar dietary requirements to enjoy and help out. Her book contains other vegan friendly, natural sugars, raw food and recipes that are good for the body.



(Melon & Cucumber Ice-cream) I really like how the photos are laid out too, beautifully done!

Sweet treats that are good, sound to good to be true, but from the looks of the pages from the Vogue site, it looks to be something amazing. (Doesn’t she have an adorable smile!)


Defiantly going to order one of these for some of my friends who are intolerant to certain food groups, so I’ve the option to make them something that doesn’t look like cardboard. Me however, eats everything and anything, inhaling was the word that describes me!



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