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Jan Gardner, who is she and what does she do. Well sit down with your tea and I shall tell all about the artist I was introduced too from my very close family friend and ‘second mum’ Rose.

Jan Gardner is pure talent. She creates absolutely beautiful pieces with a stampede of colour. Her medium she uses is water based and mark making onto canvas. She says ‘rich jewel worlds’ which is spot on. Her mark making would look smashing on a dress. The artist paints landscape captured up north of England, Whales and Scotland. Capturing the rolling hills, a cluster of heathland and the merging of the sky and the sea meeting. When I first saw her artwork on her Facebook page I was stunned. Stunned so much I couldn’t find a word or phrase to use for the way she paints. I told her one of her pictures (this one below) was like ‘watching a dance’. The amount of colours in a small section of her work is lyrical.


Each painting holds, depth and atmosphere. If you see above how she captures a realistic dimension as if we were a bird soaring above the trees.

So enough of my ramblings and onto the artwork. Check out her artwork in the links below and please follow and share and comment on her pages!! She is one to watch!


Jan also has a book available at Ruthin Craft Centre Gallery.


So what are you thoughts on Jan Gardner. Amazing? I thought so! Let her know! Her links are below!

Jan’s website – http://www.jangardner.com

Jan’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/artworksjangardner

Jan’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/jan_gardner


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