[Fashion News] – Who is Olivia Bee?

Good morning all! A day off from work and it seems I am blogging before I head out to Portsmouth with a work colleague.

I came across this photographer that I think you all should be introduced too, but who is Olivia Bee?


Olivia is a not only stunning but a 19-year-old photographer, she is from Portland, Oregon and has had an interesting youth after being commissioned at age 15. She talks about her work with ‘The New York Times’ & Fashion work with ‘Hermes, Roger Vivier’. She also mentions her awkward phase is still on Flickr but she does not like to show that to anyone. She does have some beautiful talent and her pictures not only capture essence of nostalgia, but also drawn to the idea of escapism. A form of a new world, different to ours are apparent to me when I look at her work. I also feel photographs are more powerful when you don’t know any of the people in the frame. You can really channel yourself into an idea of what the photo is about.

Below are some of her works I found via google (moving gifs) and her own website which you can visit here: http://www.oliviabee.com



Some wonderful talent here, let me know what you think of Olivia Bee in the comments below!

Many thanks for reading.


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