[Daily Life] – My Tumblr & Twitter Accounts – Come Follow

Morning, just before I go I wanted to write a little post as I’m broadening my social accounts. I don’t know why as I’m appalling with technology. But, I had a Tumblr a year ago and am now using it for inspiration. I’ve also posted months before my Twitter details but will list both again.

I have been thinking of Instagram too because I have a personal account, so not sure a professional one would be a good idea. We’ll see!


Anyway to the account details.



Regblogging fashion, inspirational pictures & possibly posting my designs in the future!





Obviously my Twitter is for general chats and I blog about my fashion posts, any articles I come across and post daily life pictures regarding fashion. I am on there daily without fail. (Always time to check Twitter whilst you are waiting for the bus or on lunch break!!!)




So there you go guys, If you are on either, feel free to follow my daily life! I’ll try keep it interesting!


Have a great day! I’m off to the seaside with my work colleague to do a little bit of shopping and have a break from work! Might have to buy a one use camera as my phone is out of memory! Not good!




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