[Fashion News] – David Downton’s Couture

I came across these fashion illustations by David Downton. He illustrates the spring/summer 2014 couture shows and captures the essence of the event so beautifully.

Below are the illustrations!


1 – Chanel


2 – Gaultier


3 – Schiaparelli


4 – Stella Tennant backstage at Dior


5 – Valentino fittings


6 – Giambattista Valli


7 – Versace


8 – Donatella and Lady Gaga at the Versace dinner



There are the illustrations, absolutely breathtaking line work and elgance in capturing the emotions of the event. Some real talent and worth sharing to those other fashion lovers who have not yet seen this.

Original article found on Vogue.com

have any thoughts on the pieces above, comment below!


Many thanks for reading.

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