[Fashion News] – Audrey’s Spring 2014 Cover Revealed – Yuna


A little post to show the cover of Audrey magazine’s April cover. It features a beautiful person inside and out, Yunalis Mat Zara’ai.


A Malaysian artist who is under Pharrell William’s agency, with very calming and soft music. Commercially known as Yuna, I blogged months back about her CD which I bought for my auntie and  myself.

Most the time I need to feel good or need some great music to have whilst blogging or enjoying a day off, I will play her CD also titled Yuna. Below shows the image of the CD cover, it is beautiful and elegantly simple. It doesn’t try to stand out and prove itself because the artist is the same. It is just right and something great.


So the main reason is the cover of the Audrey’s magazine which I will post below. This magazine features remarkable women. Below is the image for April’s cover.


Extremely gorgeous!

What are your thoughts, have you ever listened to Yuna’s music! Stop what your doing, that’s right, if you are holding tea, let it go! Head on over to YouTube and experience Yuna! Her albums are available too, online and in stores too.

Below links to Audrey’s website to which you are able to subscribe too and read articles. So again, stop clearing the teacup that you clumsily just dropped and check it out! You will not be disappointed!!


Let me know your thoughts and write below!
I’ve been a fan of Yuna for a couple of years and continue to enjoy her music!

Have a smashing evening ladies and gentlemen.


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