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Good evening readers, hope you are all enjoying a weekend off from a busy working week.

I have a Saturday off today which is a nice rarity. Sadly for those at work, it is farmers market so the shop will be busy. So I’ve caught up on my sleep, chilled with my PlayStation 3 & currently updating my blog! It is a good day!!


So I’ve been recently looking at the upcoming fashion styles, other articles, blogs and everything art related. I’d made myself a huge list of blog’able posts for my website so hopefully can catch up with my favorite pieces.

One thing I enjoy is exercise and lord knows since I’ve taken up my current job, I’ve no time for it. I love that feeling afterwards, knowing you have gone out, got fresh air, exercised the lungs and muscles. I wish I had time to spend hours a day just cycling, which links to this post.


So during the summer after I finished uni and I set up my blog, I said I started cycling. I wanted to start new things and continue to pursue them. My love for cycling began to grow and I wanted to enhance my performance on my bike, so I decided to buy the appropriate apparel. I prefer to ride with compression shorts or a bib and wear a t-shirt & nylon running shorts (exercise shorts are OK too) on top.

But for the main point of this article is fashion in the cycling community. It is an area, where fashion is overlooked. But there are some great fashion labels for those eager cyclists. With labels that have apparel with the latest fabrics and Italian tailoring.


Firstly, Phil & Amy my bike is still unfixed!! So will crack on with repairs tomorrow after work, no late finish for me!! Going to need it when the weather stays nicer for commuting!

I decided for those readers who like to cycle (Phil & Amy, looking at you guys!) to show some cycling labels that are available.








Cycling design that is inspired by culture. Babici is an Australian cycling fashion label. The designer Kev Babakian founded the company in 2009 by fusing his passions of cycling and fashion together. The company is one of Australia’s top cycling labels and is a brand which holds itself with great royalty with the cycling community.



Babici’s uses neutral palettes and its beautiful attention to detail to bring fourth its design vision of ‘Understated simplicity & sophistication’.


Below are some of the images I’ve selected from their website. Some really nicely handcrafted and tailored designs. Looking through their site and I can see their creative insight towards European heritage. Absolutely smashing collection and you are guaranteed to look sharp and professional in Babici’s apparel.



As you can see from above, they have a great vision. Inspiring designs and high performance clothing allows you to look the part, whilst performing your best.



This comes to the end of the post. The online store holds a varied amount of clothing, from bike lycra (seasonal styles) to t-shirts, socks, couture style clothing and accessories. The use of colour in the designs flow really nicely together and don’t compete with each other creating a loud overall design.

It has been fun researching about fashion within the cycling community. It doesn’t just involve black lycra shorts and a black compression top. Style and finesse details are in a varied amount of cycling labels. If you are an avid cyclist you will know what style i’m on about. The clothing does not fit right, no support and little creative influence in design. The apparel costing very little on major websites? That will ring a bell! Clever huh, bells and cycling. That was an awful pun but it is what I am leaving on as I come to an end.


If you have enjoyed this article, let me know in the comments below? Do you know of any high end cycling stores that offer innovative design and style to cycling gear?



One thought on “[Fashion News] – Cycling Fashion – Babici

  1. Brilliant article Tom. Not a brand I know but one I will certainly be looking up. Obvious really but Amy and I are Rapha junkies. Quality bike clothing – although it doesn’t come cheap.

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