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Good evening to my readers!

Lovely to be writing again, and tonight I want to showcase my appreciation to Jean Shrimpton & Lana Del Rey (aka Lizzy Grant).


Jean Rosemary Shrimpton (pictured left) was considered to be one of the worlds first supermodels. She is an English model and actress and was in her prime, during the swinging sixties. A beautiful time where modelling was simple and from looking at the photographs must have been wonderful era to be apart of.

Lana Del Rey (pictured above right) is ‘Queen of the Hipsters’ a term giving by the indie art community of Tumblr. She is however a remarkable woman and one of my inspirations as is Jean Shrimpton. Lana is a talented and haunting singer that brought back an era of music when she was discovered during the year of 2012.

Both woman are so fierce and their presence in the art world has really helped me with my own designs and inspirations.


I wanted to write a small post just showcasing photographs of them and hope that any readers might enjoy them too.

Lana Del Rey being a child of a more modern world, obviously fascinated by the era of the swinging sixties and all those art deco styling and nostalgic dream like memories reminds me, of a modern Jean. I feel that she is the modern day version of the first supermodel Jean Shrimpton. The graceful way she presents herself for photo shoots, her elegance and uniqueness in what she does is wonderful. Both woman are just powerful, although Lana has had trouble beginning her singing career and was rejected by the critics using her real name Lizzy Grant, she eventually settled on Lana Del Rey. She had a fairly large presence in the underground scene of Brooklyn in New York until she became an icon throughout the social media generation after being signed to an agency.



I feel she was put down because she has raw talent. Talented people are everywhere but some individuals have that unique talent that can cause movements. Just like I wrote above, Lana brought back an entire era of music in what was a a recycled pop playground. Her ethereal lyrics and musical influences really gave you an insight and vision of the past. You can clearly see her vision and cinematic creativity. I don’t know if Lana does, but I’d say Jean Shrimpton inspires her heavily. She was the first female supermodel, (let it go tom! she is out of your league). Her make-up, styling, fashion and iconography all radiate through Lana.

Below are Jean Shrimpton photographs.


So above are the beautiful pictures taken of both Jean and Lana. Long lost twins from another time maybe, but what I do know is that they both have done wonderful things for the art world. Both have given so much to the fashion world which is the direction I am working towards. To be able to create movements is a wonderful talent and I am guessing I will not know if I am able to do that until I am there working in the fashion industry.

There was a conversation I said to a close friend of mine (Nancy if you are reading this then its you!). We spoke about art and having the talent to create movements and feeling that little bit different to everyone else. I said to her imagine it like a walk in the woods. Most people would walk through the woods from A to B. Myself though, would stand in silence, close my eyes and just listen. Almost like how Disneys Pocahontas would appreciate it. I would look past the next route forward and look at the colours of green that I can see before me, view the shades of greens from different angles to see what differences are there.

I used to love, as a youngling, to go sit in the trees and read my books. Just be surrounded by the atmosphere of the forest. So reading this back makes me sound like a kid who had no friends and was that odd one in the classroom. Granted that isn’t the case I swear but I used to see the beauty in everything regardless of what it was of. I always manage to find something I like within something, whether it be good or bad. For an example large groups of people would hate a painting because its boring but I look into it and find the spots of colours that blend well or brush strokes that have be created with a gentle touch.


I dont know, maybe I just get into my own mind a little too far but being creative I think it gives me that confident edge about my own work now and in the future.


Anyway, back to tuesday evening! So above are some images that just, inspire me, pictures of beauty and artist creativity. Both women almost look like fashion illustrations, their features radiate illustrative concepts. So this is why I appreciate them as individuals, both women are just so inspirational and remarkable.


Many thanks for reading and enjoy your evening. Let me know whether you agree with any points above by commenting below. 


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