[Recipes] – Green Smoothies You’ll Actually Want To Drink

Good morning all!

Yes it is horrible and wet outside, and therefore we could all do with a boost. Perhaps something good for you, so put down the pastries! (Don’t worry mines in the bin).

I’m talking about smoothies, healthy, power boosting, rich in good stuff smoothies! Green ones to be exact.

I came across an article when I started my New Years smoothies for breakfast, which would have lasted longer for if I could A. drive, and B. live near the closest town. There are more fields around me, than the horses have in my village. LONDON HERE I COME!

I started my smoothie morning boosting and it was fun. Once drank I felt like a king, I was set for my day. I bought myself in the January sales a book on smoothies for my Nexus tablet on Google Play. The Clean Eating Cookbook & Diet by Rockridge Press, pictured below. The book is wonderful and has, smashingly simple text so you can understand what you are reading without the double check. It lists foods that are splendid for your body in keeping your skin looking great & your body/mind feeling good.

The article I was previously on about listed 10 green smoothies you kickstart your day in the right direction. The link to the original article will be listed at the bottom but I’ve listed just below the 10 recipes for your easy reading.




1. Debloating Smoothie


2. Mojito Smoothie


3. Vanilla Lime Green Smoothie
Link –


4. Reese’s Spinach Smoothie


5. Beginner Green Tea Smoothie


6. Avocado Green Smoothie


7. Kiwi & Spinach Smoothie


8. Healthy Shamrock Shake


9. Tropical Green Smoothie


10. Tropical Cure All

So there you have it, some very green, boosting smoothies to start your day! Whether you are just going out to London to shop, meeting friends or off to the office for a fashion firm, give yourself a head start on your day by indulging in (inhaling if you are me) a super smoothie!

Now just as a bonus I’ve added from the last link above an orange smoothie! To be exact…

11. Tropical Mango Orange Smoothie

This just looked to irresistible to not include. The weird thing is I can taste this smoothie by just reading the name. Definitely trying this recipe!

Now smoothies are a great way to start the day as I have mentioned a fair few times above. But remember fresh ingredients are great, but making sure you either freeze the ingredients so as they do not start to go off. Don’t then make a smoothie with 50/50 chance and then refrigerate like myself, only to drink it couple days later at work and realise it was a little off. (I felt so rough serving coffee that day!!) Frozen fruit and berries work just as well and you are guaranteed to benefit from frozen & fresh.

So to end this post I would like to give the main article I came across which inspired me to share this to my readers.


I am intrigued by any of my readers who enjoy smoothies and if so, do you have a favourite one you enjoy everyday? Know any good recipes? If so, pop a comment below and discuss, I’d love to hear about them!

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Quite fancy a bacon sandwich before work…



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