[Fashion News] – ELLE’s Backpack Collection – Spring 2014

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I am currently back on the home computer spending quality time with my little brother, who I have been helping with his art. We are both currently listening to Caribbean style music, gentle and fun, it is creating this chilled atmosphere in the room! Makes me want to go to a tropical island and just watch the world go by…

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But sadly I am in England with appalling internet connection speed, my tears run faster than the router.


ELLE created a little post about backpacks for ladies and there were some designs I wanted to share. I took my favourites from the collection, but the bottom of this post will link to ELLE’s original article, listing all backpacks.

Below are some designs for 2014, style conscious ladies have an array of choice at their disposal, so plenty of acute styles for every type of modern day woman.

Parfois Big Flower Print Backpack – from Debenhams – £27.99

Leather Backpack – from Asos – £75


Tie Dye Backpack – Converse from Asos – £25



Floral Print Backpack – from Eastpak – £40

Leather Polka Spot Backpack – Elizabeth and James at Matches.com – £518

Pink Backpack – Fjallraven Kanken Asos – £48

Floral Print Backpack – Marc Jacobs at Net-a-porter – £175

Blue Leather Backpack – Meli Melo from Avenue32 – £550

White Leather Backpack – Whistles – £275


There are some great choices above and the link below takes you to the original ELLE article. Have a gander and let me know your thoughts? You guys know the drill, comment below!

Original Article –


Have a great evening! I’m off to watch Ugly Betty in bed!



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