[Artist To Watch] – Cousin Marnie Performing At Sebright Arms In London March

When I first set up my blog I had mentioned an artist to watch who goes by her stage name Cousin Marnie. The singer, Julie Ann Hartigan is a pure talent, combining what was described, Jack the Ripper stylesque music with a contemporary approach.

Her voice is as soothing as a siren in the night and well she was, my first artist to watch I wanted to blog about.

I did back in October, manage to meet the singer in London during one of her gigs and she is pure great. A loving and warm person who is just so down to earth. (I have still got to review that evening and go through my pictures and videos of the night.)


Cousin Marnie however is performing her second gig at Sebright Arms in London March 10th. Details are below!

Tickets £4 –

Address –
31-35 Coate Street, London, E2 9AG, United Kingdom

Google Map –


I’ve booked my two tickets for the night and am looking forward to seeing Julie Ann and her crew again.

March for me seems to be teaming with gigs and outings to London.


Cousin Marnie FaceBook page –
Cousin Marnie Twitter –
Cousin Marnie – You’ve Been Fooling Me Baby – Youtube –


Any comments, let me know below!

Have a smashing day!



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