[Style News] – The Top Men’s Haircut & Style

Right guys, this is a post for you. As I was trawling over the wide web for things to blog about I came across an article with hairstyles that current, style conscious men are supporting. I remember taking in two pictures and a hand drawing of how I wanted my hair cut to my hairdresser Kathy many years ago back in the days of university.

Now this contemporary style of hairstyle is not for everyone. You cannot expect each face type to support it but there are a few that can pull off these designs extremely well. Firstly a strong jawline can help define this fresh approach.

Quite lucky for me as, even with my ridiculously youthful face I have the face shape to pull these styles out. I’ve always had trouble with my hair as I’ve two ‘cowlicks’ once very prominent one and the other, not so much. So below are some pictures I had found on my personal Pinterest account.

The hairstyles are a mixture of pre-war heritage and contemporary flair. It is also a benefiting style as, clean shaven & groomed beards can both be worked with it. Both give a professional and smart finish to either a business or casual attire, absolutely smashing!



I’m currently grooming my own beard so it should eventually look like the above photo. Just bought some clippers, so finally, no more baby faced Tom! The nice thing about these styles is with my ‘cowlick’ they work on me because my hair naturally has movement to the fringe and top of it.

So to my followers, are you rocking these latest hair trends and for the ladies, do you like these hairstyles on guys? Share your thoughts below!


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