[Daily Life] – What’s To Come To My Blog & Hello To My New Readers

Good afternoon,

I do hope my readers are all well. I’ve set up my workstation using the home computer to get my articles written. I genuinely forgot that we own a working computer as I have been struggling on my laptop that is currently hanging on for dear life. My tablet cannot produce the quantity of articles I would like whenever I write, so my current day off from work will include this seat, articles and reading material.


So to the upcoming news. I’ve made a list of the articles I would like to blog about, I pinched envelopes from my dads work because they are weirdly nice to write on and jot down notes. Anyway, enough of my crazy, stationary fetish and onto what’s coming up.


– Instichu.com articles that I’ve written for the site will be linked (https://www.institchu.co.uk)

-New buys

-Artists to watch & reviews

-Fashion collections

-Alexa Chung book review

-Upcoming gigs and musical performances I’m attending


Hopefully the sudden downpour of articles I write up won’t be too terrifying to my readers. I also want to welcome my newest readers that have signed up or are currently keeping up to date with my blog. Quite a few who are favourite customers that I’ve personally gotten to know from work at Caffe Nero. (You guys are the people I look forward to each day I work!)

I am also currently deciding on where to go on holiday just by myself for a long weekend away. Sitting in a cafe along a Parison street or walking along Venetian Canals, decisions decisions.

So with this little introduction done I will get on with the posts.

Thank you for the support!



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