[Artist To Watch] – India Yelich-O’Connor

Who are you asking? Well you all know about our Royals singer Lorde,

well her younger sister is just as talented as her big sister. It seems creativity comes fluently from this family as both sisters are able to sing. Let me introduce India Yelich-O’Connor,

Below is the link to India’s cover she put up on her blog. The blog link is also below.

Her blog is very calming to read, she writes very well and expresses herself beautifully. I think the future could hold some wonder things for India.

Check out for yourself her blog and cover song. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

[SONG] – https://soundcloud.com/india-yelich-oconnor/say-something

[INDIA’S BLOG] – http://www.genresofindia.com/


Many thanks for taking your time to read.



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