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Good morning!

It is 6:19am as I write this, would say I’m getting ready for work but plenty of time! Over the last couple of days after being ill I stumbled across a few online things to blog about. One of them I did yesterday… So I’m writing it super early to get through the list I’ve made.

This Is Not Clothing – is brand of that just pulls punches visually. The artistic yet historic and biblical approach it has to fashion is quite fresh and fierce. What am I talking about? Well let me make myself a cup of tea and I will tell all…

…So did I make tea, well yes I did?


Anyway back to the brand, James Sutton is the artist. British born and creative visually in his concepts. He has worked with many talented stars such as the likes of Azealia Banks!



‘Pictured above from her dynamic single Yung Rapunxel.’

Now his brand uses post production to further his vision using specific layering and edited photos to recreate and master a timely historic presence although looking fresh and vibrant at the same time.




Now his designs aren’t for everyone as you need to be able to be as confident as the T-shirt design to wear his designs. The model above looks good with pale hair against the thrashing creativity on the T-shirt, we are instantly drawn to the design. Whereas myself with darker, brown hair would cause a clash and therefore we are drawn to my face as it is the contrast colour in between.

It isn’t just James’s creative digital skills but his photography is just as atmospheric as well.


Rubythroat – KatieJane Garside

The photography is at a level where it almost looks unreal, the lighting and post production attention delivers a wild, skilfully crafted mood. Absolutely smashing!!


Let’s face it the man is a creative genius! 23 and already made himself this icon! Now I’m 23 and working by making cappuccinos for people… Well its part of a grand plan and I’ll get my big break fairly soon!! But back to James, he is great and therefore deserves a mention to those who do not know his work.

Check the link below to fly over to his website where his work, blog, inspiration and bio all are!

Personal website: http://www.jamsutton.com

This Is Not Clothing Online Store: http://www.thisisnotclothing.com/index.php

Right well I started this at 6am’ish and its now coming up 4pm afternoon. I ran out of time this morning so as I wait for the next bus because I was busy at work missed the one I wanted to catch, I can say I’ve finished this article. Although written a little sloppy should provide a very Miranda or what I call Tom style piece of reading for you guys.

So let me know what you think of James Sutton and his designs? Would you dare to snare others by wearing his work? Comment below!!

Many thanks for reading!!


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