[Daily News] – Christmas Shopping

Is a nightmare! Am I right!!

Evening everyone!

Today I had a day off work and reluctantly, I needed to buy some Christmas presents for family and friends. So Meg and myself headed to Basingstoke Festival Place shopping centre. We arrived after 11 and we were suprised at how quiet it was, there were car park spaces! We had a coffee at Caffè Nero and headed to the shops. It wasn’t until we left the Caffè Nero/Waterstones shop people began to flood in and it was busy, but not Christmas last minute busy. It was odd.

My day was cut a little short today but managed to get a chunk of gifts for people! I also treated myself today too!

I also dislike Christmas shopping but enjoy regular shopping. Working so much this year I’ve not gotten into the christmas spirit. I think I’m of that age in which I need to think of my traditions and how I’d like to celebrate or decorate for the holidays. Bit of a Scrooge!!!

Anyways I’ve got one more day of shopping with mum tomorrow to do so last of the presents!! Everything is just happening this year!!!


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