[Fashion News] – Scarves For All Year

Morning all, “isn’t it cold out?” Says the blogger currently in running shorts a week to Christmas!


As I clearly don’t dress appropriately for winter I wanted to talk about fabrics but more so, scarves!



Scarves come in many a form, with classic print to bizarre to theme to designer. Now everyone should own at least one scarf? Not sure? Think back to last Christmas day inside your stocking…yeah? There you go!! (Probably in the back of the closet)



Scarves are usually worn during those cool to bitter mornings, evenings out and fashionably, during the day for some individuals. Or just all year around!




To the fabrics – I think its clever to understand fabrics because each one is unique. I came across a website to which scarves are its domain! Its user friendly, playful design allows for easy navigation. The link below takes you to the materials used in different scarves.


It lists the fabrics and where the fabric originates from. As it also states, fabrics are different and the texture of each fabric result in different results, would you wear a silk scarf in the winter to keep your neck warm? Wool and a cashmere mix is a better choice.



I currently own a few scarves, the only one I like however is my Jack Wills, red and grey (almost harry potter) scarf. It is thick and a good length perfect to combine with a pea coat or duffle coat whilst I battle the streets in the winter.

Have a look and leave a comment!

Have a good morning!
Images credited to Pinterest


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