[Artist To Watch] – Lorde

Oh Lorde, oh Lorde, oh Lorde.


Like a dispelling star cluster she began her reign on the music scene. The Lana Del Rey of this year is Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, or too others best known as Lorde. She is sinfully fresh and her song, Royals has been on radio repeat for months. The simple pulsing beat with smart lyrics create these haunting and down to earth songs.


Lorde, born and raised in New Zealand has at 16 (now 17) already become this years artist to watch. She is very talented and made clever decisions regarding her music. I read online she listened to Lana Del Rey whilst writing Royals. You can hear her influences in her writing and sound.

Lorde – Royals video can be seen through this link. I bought her album today for £3.99 which is a bargain!! Pure Heroine is the CD name.


Any one else a fan, comment below. Looking forward to watching this artist continue on her path. This style of music and other unique artists I listen too always bring content into my life. Lying on my bed with just the ambience of fairy lights and playing the entire CD through headphones and this amazing feeling bestows your whole body and mind. She will do well, Lorde is a truly inspiration young woman who is uniquely beautiful and mysterious!

Thank you for reading and goodnight!


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