[Fashion News] – Aussiebum From Australia – Men’s Contemporary Underwear

Good evening!

I am feeling particularly cozy and lounging in my room. I’ve just received my Ella Fitzgerald’s Gold album of her best hits! The fairy lights are low, a little too low need another set to create a perfect hazy glow ambience! Well apart from that I am content!

So yesterday I wrote a post about receiving my Aussiebum order back in OCT. For those readers who do not know Aussiebum let me tell you a little bit about them!


Ausssiebum is an Australian men’s swimwear & underwear manufacturer! The company started in 2001 and is now a multimillion dollar world regonised brand with stars such as David Beckham and even Daniel Radcliffe enjoying it.

Now as a guy and before I decided a fashion route was my calling, underwear to me were black boxer briefs. Solid black briefs that felt like they would last forever. The only bit of colour were novelty boxers you received at Christmas in your stocking (really hoping that doesn’t happen this year!). But there is a whole world with enormous choice for the modern man to wear underwear that is not only fashionable, but good quality, functional (with certain designs to help define definition, booster/wonder jock)…


…and lastly something comfortable. The last thing you want in the day is underwear that causes unnecessary rubbing.


I had purchased two items from Aussiebum from their Halloween sale. I would like to do another haul soon and grab a wild collection of different designs. I went this time for something I could lounge in, I came across the PILOBTR range; 4 different colours to choose from, black, red, navy blue and royal blue. Sporting them as I type and they are very comfortable. Below show the range.





Although they are made from polyester the material is incredibly soft as if made from silk and the quality is excellent! I think every man needs to own a pair of silk sleepwear, it is a luxury material so why shouldn’t we enjoy it. Become a proper dapper gentlemen! Silk robe anyone?


Right back to the PILOBTR’S my only downsize is I had previously bought this item months before in medium assuming that it would fit and this time a large which is more comfortable! They are cut short against the leg which is overseen in the photos.


I purchased above the royal blue and a Halloween special which had a ghost design on! The royal blue (and others) design uses booster jock technology with a mesh pouch sewn inside. Perfect for lounge on a weekend or around the house. The style of these are very sophisticated with that hint of playfulness. Lazy mornings?..whilst you cook the misses breakfast in bed!

Below are some screenshots of some of the designs available! Again as I’ve previously stated above I will have another shop and review the swimwear, everyday style underwear and sports wear. I mean look there is even a Christmas sale going on!!




The company is one of my favourites so far and has the best slogan. “If you doubt yourself, wear something else”. Perfect!

So this is my short review on my recent npurchase with Aussiebum. An absolutely wonderful company with excellent customer care and range of designs! It is no wonder this company is doing well.

Anyone have any thoughts jot them down below!

Thank you for reading,


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