[Fashion News] – Ke$ha The Pastel Queen

Good morning

I’m sitting in bed thinking how nice it is to have a weekend off! Now a little while ago I watched the music video for Pitbulls newest song Timber. It featured Ke$ha and to be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect but 300 times on repeat later and it’s rather catchy!

Now aside from the music I was extremely taken in by Ke$ha’s performance. The usual glitter covered, Jack Daniels all american girl we all love, traded all that in for a pastel approach. Ke$ha could have passed for the definition of Tumblr with her two tone candyfloss/blue shell coloured locks! She looked beautiful and with her new toned body looked stunning in the video! She also turned heads at the AMA and became to peoples shock, the celeb with the most talked about look! Well she deserved it because it is a really smashing look for her!





Along with her hair, her dress caught by attention! A perfect black tie event dress that looked wonderful on ke$ha! I don’t think I have ever seen her so beautiful, she looked like a high end fashion illustration. She also did wonders in front of the camera’s by pulling a slight gaunt expression which ultimately drew the attention to the whole look, hair, dress and artist. Very professional!!

What do you think of the look above? Are you loving the look like me? Comment below with your opinions!

Pittbull’s music video Timber featuring Ke$ha can be watched here – http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hHUbLv4ThOo&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DhHUbLv4ThOo

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