[Fashion News] – ASOS Clothes Review

Evening guys!

I recently went a little crazy on ASOS and bought a nice chunk of clothes. I feel the urge to do it again soon!



I was looking for shirts and chinos when I began the search. But alas my basket became very full!

I have been thinking of doing a sort of Lookbook style section for my blog, let’s face it we all take photos of our clothes! I feel it will be a nice thing for my blog as a male fashion blogger! So these hauls of clothes I go out and buy would b perfect! Also not to mention the treasure finds online or in a charity shop!

To the clothes!!



Finally found a shirt that is the definition of Tumblr. A blue denim look shirt that fades to white. I had seen them online before and wished I had one and now I do!! The quality is wonderful too! Criminal Damage is the brand.



Next were my chinos! Now my current ones feel a bit lame. Lame, it is an odd word of choice but they feel old and not as good when I wear them! They are also rather on the skinny side so restricting at the best of times! The brand here is Brave Soul.


This here is my first denim shirt! It is marvellous! Influence is the brand and it is very nice to wear.

Below now is my first pink shirt. Let’s have a gander!


I won’t lie I haven’t really tried it on properly, only to see whether it goes with my tweed blazer! The quality however is very nice and still need a session to see what works well with it.


Next are the accessories, here is where my basket began to fill with everything! As you can see I raided to online shelves. I bought various items including (bow) ties, a new wallet, tie bars, pocket square and this interesting bracelet (pictured below). Many floral print patterns and faux leather ties. I’m thinking a leather bow tie would add some good detail to an outfit.


I don’t really know what drew me to this as I rarely often wear any jewellery. I had an old watch, vintage which after some time loved! The character and style was lovely, sadly I have misplaced it.

Last but not least are my trainers, now online they were £20 same as the shirts above. Bargain I thought to myself, needed some new trainers, (genuinely needed some, not the need that you say to yourself when you first see something you like!!) so I purchased them. Upon arrival I wasn’t expecting the colour that jumped out of the box!! Such an orange it is a colour I cannot put my finger on! What do you guys think? I am awful at returning items too so I’m stuck with these “orange” trainers! Guess I needed something to walk the dog in?


Is it salmon?

Urgh!! enough Tom you made your choice!

As you can see it was a successful haul! Some great purchases. I am looking forward to creating a Lookbook style guide for you guys!

Many thanks for reading!!


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