[Fashion News] – Chloë Grace Moretz

Good morning to my readers,


So recently I read an article in the Metro newspaper when in was last up in London. It read about a young actress who is recently receiving a lot of buzz as an actress to watch. Chloë Grace Moretz!


Now if you don’t know Moretz outside of the cinema screen you’ll be intimated by her fierce characters. Known for her loud mouth gun wielding character Hit Girl in Kick-Ass and a dark werewolf character in Tim Burtons Dark Shadows she told Lauren Williams who interviewed the young star that she preferred characters to which were opposite from her as an individual.


Her most recent role is in a recreation of Stephan Kings classic novel Carrie, in which she herself plays a modern Carrie in a 21st Century adaptation.



Its written in the article that scenes include Carrie being captured by her classmates via video phones which to me shows the little details the director has added to give a fresh approach on the film. Generally not a huge fan of horror films but intrigued and might (man up) go see this film which is out now! Ok guys i’ll tell, I watched ET years ago and had nightmares! So…

Anyway back to our actress! Moretz has had some wonderful fashion related moments. Been front row at fashion weeks. She has her own style which is wonderful, inspiring young generations.




Chloë seems to enjoy fashion and is always around in the fashion news! She seems like a respectful individual with her mind set strong with whom she wants to be which is lovely.

The article spoke about bullying and online (trolls) people telling her she isn’t thin enough/not good enough for her roles which of course is ridiculous. She is a fantastic actress in the films I have seen her in, totally gets into a role and nails her performance. Chloe seems like a down to earth person, enjoying what she is doing. She will go far and I look forward to blogging about her successes!



Absolutely fierce!

Chloë keep doing what you are doing! You have got a fan here! Maybe one day I can interview you!

Also realising it’s no longer morning but afternoon!! I’m awful, spent my morning mid blog watching Murder She Wrote. Can’t help it, I love that show!!

But we are coming to an end and its been a fun post to write!

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Thank you!


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