[Daily News] – Vintage Steamer Trunk

Good evening!


I am currently sitting by the fire and I’m back into my blogging and loving the return. Recently I looked into storage for my room back home. Since I have been back from university I have wanted items in which I can take with me the day I move out from Kingsley to Majestic London!



So to keep my mood up and productive I have personally picked the decor out myself. My recent purchase was this beautiful timely steamer trunk.

Another EBay purchase. Listing all these lovely vintage trunks and chests I stumbled across one, it had the perfect blue, the design was simple and beautiful! I knew I had to go after it, and was lucky! A few other people were watching it! Impulse buying seems to be a skill and curse of mine. The times I have whipped up a great buy but left my bank balance dangerously low! But we have all been there before! Right…Right?!

So this is the trunk below!



Majestic and original too! I love that authentic texture and story behind old items. This trunk could have an interesting tale behind it! Who was the previous owner, how did he cope with the air force. What is his story.


It opens and closes, with a buckle style hinge in the middle and two little latches against the side of it. (Guilty, needed help opening them, hadn’t a clue!)

It is a little beaten but with careful love should remain functional and lovely!


I am currently using it to store my old teddy bear, (bow)ties, pocket squares, accessories, leather shoes and my film camera. (Need to get my films developed ahhh!!)

Do any of my readers enjoy vintage items, do you own any! If i had to sum up my house, it is a mixture of IKEA/Country Living. My mother and I have quite similar taste in room furnishings. She is on the otherhand not a strong fan of modern contemporary stuff which to me I love! I’m very open towards art in general, taking off the layer most people see and enjoying everything about a piece.

Hoping my readers are enjoying their evening. Many thanks for reading and keep warm everyone! Hot chocolates at the ready!!


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