[Daily News] – My New Clothes Rail

Guys just bare with, yes, ok this is a post about a clothes rail and I know it sounds as dull as Britain’s weather forecast but in reality I had a somewhat emotional adventure!

So let me break it down!


It’s a mess! Chaos and unruly I needed a solution, wardbrobe? No too mainstream, I’m kidding I am in no way a cliché hipster. But I was thinking of my current space and wooden ones are too clunky for me.

Ok so storage boxes under my bed… I hate items under a bed! Let’s face it, what happens is that its a nice place for dust to collect! So boxes are out!!

Right so I looked around and came across clothes rails and it hit me! Perfect, something fashion related, tidy, thin and easy to clean down.

EBay gave me a selection of rails so I decided to go for the industrial one. I ordered it and 30 clothes hangers and sat tight! Ultimately looking forward to hanging my floordrobe!!


Here’s the finished product! Magnificent really. Well sadly I had only ordered the plastic cover, so upon arrival looking at this little parcel I checked what I had actually ordered, yes classic tom moment! So I ordered a rail to go with my cover.

Waited again for most of the week until the delivery man appeared. I signed for a parcel and he hesitated slightly assuming there were two parcels… Later would I find out that this was indeed the case!! After opening the one parcel it contained just two long steel bars. I thought great this is becoming more hassle then its worth. Emailed and the next day my ‘part two’ parcel arrived to which I put together with help from the younger brother. I know I know, I’m already losing it and I’m only 22.

So after a truly Tom ordeal I have a beautiful strong clothes rail. Perfect to clean with a damp cloth, it fits in my room and I can now go and buy some new clothes for it!!

Speaking of new clothes I have ordered from ASOS and will be covering my bought items! But before that haul I found a tweed blazer on eBay and won the auction only paying around £14 for a handmade in Britain tweed blazer. It is however the tiniest bit too snug but still a nice purchase.


As I’m coming to an end and you readers are thinking ‘I’d fancy a clothes rail’ just remember to be patient!!

Many thanks for your company tonight, I hope my shenanigans have given you a little chuckle!

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