[Daily Life] – A Little Post

So I’m on my lunch now so a little post is all I’ve got time to write!

Firstly hello to you all! Hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend! Sadly for me I’m at work, but today had been really calm at work! Lovely!


This was me a couple of Sundays for me! So bliss!

So I’ve been thinking about my blog and tomorrow will crack on with some good old posts!!

Some news:

•I’m going for my next step towards my goal to get to London by going on a training course to become a shift leader! Meaning at work in Caffé Nero I will be allowed to be in charge on my own! Scary yet exciting! Fingers crossed on that one!

•Later this week coming I’m going to attend Cousin Marnie’s gig performance in London! 28th will post details about that tomorrow with a whole post of the day I met her!

•I’ve got some news in my room at home and some new clothing items I’ve received in the post! Pictures to come!

So basically it’s been full on down here as I covered for my boss to give him 3 days holiday! All week I have been in and I won’t lie it’s been a long one! Looking forward to this week coming as I’ve got time to blog my little British heart out! I might try and get a little baking/cooking in too! Post about that! I’m thinking muffins!!

So just a little update as now I’ve got to head on back out and serve those beautiful coffee drinks I make!





So that's it for me right now! I shall post again soon! Enjoy your day guys!


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