[Fashion News] – Abercrombie & Fitch To Launch Plus-Size Clothes (Vogue.com UK)


Hello hello, its a drizzly rainy saturday, aututmn is here, and I’m off from work! Spending my weekend with little brothers playing video games! Decided I should spend more time with them and get back onto my blog. I thought the best way was with some news!


Abercrombie news precisely! The company is launching plus size clothing! The all elite ego brand has lost a huge chunk in its sales after recent news from the CEO thoughts on plus size customers. So to grab itself back up is releasing larger clothing sizes to gain its customers back! I personally haven’t ever bought anything from Abercrombie, Hollister I had a faze and the quality I liked but the eliteness of the brand was humiliating to wear. Judged upon entering a store I felt so bad in myself which in fashion should never be the case. Fashion is having a style that represents your individuality.

What are your views on elitist brands? Do you agree with Mike Jefferies views on only beautiful people or is fashion for everyone!

Let me know below!!

Thank you for reading and good to be back!!


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