[Daily Life] – 2 Days Rest

Hi there, I’m writing this post on my two days off.

I’d been covering at work without anybreak whilst full of cold but I got through it and my twos days off have just flown by! I just don’t know what to do with myself! So went for a cycling and tried out my new cycling bib which was rather comfy if not a little snug. But it was nice to get out and bike, I haven’t really done any since before I started my job because I’m just so tired!!


Took a cheeky selfie whilst riding. Who knew the life of a fashion blogger was full of danger!!

And on another note all the mass of items I’ve been buying, games, clothes and the mass of birthday presents for a certain friend of mine have been arriving! Took a picture of today’s item which was Ellie Goulding’s CD – Bright Lights which is a wonderful CD!


So just a small update! Hopefully this week coming I can find the time since one of our staff is back to blog more!

Thank you for reading!!

Watching The Proposal now!


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