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Hello to my readers! It has been sometime since my last post! I’m jumping straight in!

So SeaSalt! The name screams coastal, blues, greens, sea sprayed hair and inspiration from the ocean. This is exactly my first impression of the small chain SeaSalt located around Cornish towns.

I visited St. Ives during an evening after the beach! It was a cool evening with a wonderful sunset to come.

Now I’m a fan of British countryside influenced stores such as Jack Wills, Joules, Aubin & Wills (even with its recent bad news). And I love finding new little stores that really keep that heritage appeal such as Hatwick Knitwear which is made in Scotland.

Anyways back to walking down the street my mum darts off into a store and I later go back to let her know where we are all eating and I am intrigued by this shop front. Now I’m a sucker for ‘Country Living’ & ‘Coast’ style influence when it comes to décor or clothing so naturally I think wow this is lovely.

So walking into the store to find my mum buying something and I meet Amy & Suzanne which I introduced myself to and spoke about my blog and with their permission was allowed to photograph the store and write this blog post about! They were both very charming and lovely to talk too. They spoke about the Seasalt chain and how there were a few other stores around Cornwall and how it all began.

So I asked them if they just did clothing for women but they pointed the section of men’s clothing and after throwing myself up the steps gazed at the railing stocked with menswear!

From the photos above there is a bold yet subtle colour palette. You can see the influence of the Cornish coast in the designs! The bold against stripes is a wonderful approach for the summer month even though I’m late at writing this post! Beachwear, those cool evenings watching the sunset over St.Ives with that special someone!

Below are some more shots within the store.

Love the style of socks. Just add that splash of detail and colour gives you that comfortable yet fresh approach. Much nicer then your black socks you might possibly be hiding under your chinos or jeans! The shoes too are what I would expect down by the coast and the harbour, nice boating shoes!!

Here really was a beautiful collection of clothing which I would have bought if I wasn’t at the time horribly poor! Good news is I got myself a good job so I will be having a gander online on the Seasalt website!! (link below)

Here is my last photo of the inside of the store. The collection of scarves for women! I think here is something I might be able to get for my auntie for Christmas present!!

It really was such a wonderful little store and had a fresh approach to beach designed clothing come spring, summer, fall and winter!

Keeping that elemental charm of the Cornish coast close to their designs Seasalt really is that unique clothing store that is a place every fashion lover should visit!! Especially those who appreciate the culture of Cornwall’s history!

I would like to end with the sunset I had when I had visited the store in St.I’ves

It was an absolutely gorgeous night and as I write this listening to a beautiful Korean girl group song (EXID and their song ‘Every Night’). Perfect for the picture above I would like to personally thank Suzanne and Amy for letting me write a blog post about their shop! Two lovely ladies who were just so welcoming and chatty too which is good, I enjoy talking to people whilst shopping! Had a great time and will come back and visit next year when I am in Cornwall having a holiday! Many thanks to them and especially waiting so long for this blog post! Emailing a copy of the link to them after I publish this post!!

Thanks for reading! I’ll put the website link below for any readers who are interested in the Seasalt brand.

WEBSITE: – http://www.seasaltcornwall.co.uk

Taken a screenshot from my new little tablet so viewers can see the site!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think of the brand! Any comments? Write below!!

Thank you!



2 thoughts on “[Fashion News] – Seasalt Clothing Line

  1. Love Cornwall, especially St.Ives. The Seasalt store is lovely very nautical and classy designs of clothing. Cool! Some other great boutique clothing shops in St.Ives, as well as amazing bakery’s and cafès, just a cool place to go.
    Steph 😃😃

    1. When I go back I might stay in the town with friends since we only spent the evening and many stores were closing! Some nice looking places I agree and restaurants too but were booked up! Next time!! 😀


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