[Daily Life] – Bought Myself A Tablet To Blog With

Hello and an early good morning to you all! Smashing isn’t it! How the mornings are getting ever so dark! And those cold temperatures are a’coming everyone!

If you guys have been following my twitter, I’ve been tweeting about having blogging days on my days off from work and not delivering on that is awful on my part! I’ve been battling with my laptop and it is on its last leg! I have worn out my little laptop and have been wanting something to use to be able to blog on! Decided after many viewings of desktop computers and laptops to buy myself a tablet!! So hopefully in less than a week I will have a shiny new Nexus and be able to blog on something more reliable and speedy! Because I miss my blog and writing and blogging about fashion news the only and main reason I purchased a tablet is for my blog, so anything else I use it for will be a bonus! Determined to get back on track and give my readers something to read! Below is a picture of the model I am getting and I am rather excited! I haven’t told anyone else in my family that I have one so might be a little shock since they all own some make of tablet!


Since I have been reading my book in the early morning at a rival coffee shop before work I should be able to get one or two blog posts done in that time! Again I apologise to my regular readers for my delay in posts but they should pick right up when this little beaut arrives at my door! In the mean time I will try and get some posts done over the weekend!

Thanks for reading guys! And hope everyone has a smashing weekend!


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