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Good Afternoon!

Hello! Enjoying a ‘me’ day as it was a small half day for me at work to cover and also my finger recovering from the fight with the dishwasher I had at work yesterday! So I’ve hidden myself away and making those all important plans for my blog! Focusing on it feels good as I’ve neglected this place!

Grabbed a tea and I’ve been making a list, well I had done in my head about what I’ve got planned for my blog once my holiday section was completed. So I really should have written it down, but luckily  my memory is holding and before my short day at work sat in a coffee shop and wrote down some future posts! And we’ve got fashion, art, men’s hair products, music and some personal daily life sections ahead of us.

So after getting back from Cornwall the following Monday I started a new job! At a coffee shop as a trainee barista. Now Since I know I’ve said I want to go into the fashion industry some people have to start somewhere. Sadly taking the wrong uni course I’m starting from the bottom which is fine because I’ve made a great plan and so far its all going properly!! Fingers cross it stays that way!

I’ve been at this job for little over 3 weeks and I’m loving it. I wont lie it is stressful learning all the drinks and making sure I do not keep the customer waiting too long but this is the first proper job I’ve had and I hit it hard and told them straight up my plan. I said I want to move up and go for the promotions, this job isn’t just a job for me it is a stepping stone for me to get into the fashion world. I want to work hard and save and learn whilst I’m working here for 2 years and then move out and look for internships in London. They seem to really like me, customers have also said they find me extremely lovely. Fingers cross I can continue to do well! On the 31st of August this month I’ve got to head to London to HQ to go for an ‘exam’. It isn’t a really ‘formal’ one, just attend and I have someone higher in the management go through all the drink recipes and I basically show them that I can make them all without any trouble! Little bit nervous but will stay strong because I know I can do this!

Fashion news:

I’ve got some articles I’ve been looking at, a shop in Cornwall I mentioned that I wanted to cover, some men’s fashion I’ve come across via social sites! I’ve also just been to a store and bought a pile of magazines including Septembers Vogue and British Elle Collections autumn and winter edition! Both to which I’ve never bought before so will cover those too! Men’s hair products for styling too! Asos review on an item I’ve just bought.


An artist who I blogged about early on in my blog has released her début EP which I shall cover and review. She is very talented so this is something to definitely look forward too! Some other artists I’ve come across looking for new artists which I would love to review!

Cafe review from my time in Cornwall. Lovely little hidden gem and looking forward to writing up a nice chunk of praise to the place! Amazing food and service and just adorable seating and deco!

So it seems I’ve got some great future posts to write up and excited to do so! As well as those the fashion news from Vogue’s homepage and other websites! So lots to do and I’m happily going to jump in and get this blog back to normal! So I’ve now also got myself a dairy to write down work dates and times as well as notes regarding my blog! Its made my life much easier!

So this little post just sums up whats in store! So please look forward to my future posts and many thanks for the patience and support!

Loving you guys loads! Hope you are all having a smashing day and the weather is good too! (Sun here! Will it last?)


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