[Fashion News] – Scandal over a two piece bikini!

Original article – Sarah Karmali (14 August 2013)

Photo credit – N/A (Vogue)


SO jumping back into the blogging and what’s more sinfully juicy than a ‘Made In Chelsea’ scandal! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the show but it appears Kimberley has stirred things up for people once again! This time over a two piece swimsuit design!

Agent Provocateur has taken the TV star to court for design infringement which appears in her own swimwear collection!


Looking at the pictures it does look a little on the guilty side.But then that is my opinion and I will let the readers be the judge! Click this link to see the original article and drop me a comment below with your thoughts on the subject.

Original article – http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/2013/08/14/agent-provocateur-sues-made-in-chelsea-kimberley-garner-over-swimwear-bikini


Personal preferring the Agent Provocateur design! Its black double looks a little lazy! I like the contrast on the Agent version! You want something with a design like that to be fierce and catch the eyes of strangers whilst you are strutting down the beach or relaxing by the pool!


Let me know your thoughts guys!



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