[Daily Life] – Part 6 – Post Holiday To Cornwall

Good evening to you guys!

I’ve just realised after sorting the selected photos that part 6 is actually the final one! I’ll do a post summary post about the whole of my holiday with the links to the parts after this post. My photos stop after sixth day, only the seventh includes a zip line I went down on the way back home! So this will be my final nice long one with some beautiful photos! Hope you enjoy!

So we started our day heading to the further end of Cornwall! We went to another beach which would later be a surprising treat for myself but I’ll explain that later! The beach was hard to find an actual name but Gwithian appears on the map next to it! Anyway back to the beach it was a lovely quick walk from the car park passing a beach pub style cafe. You passed this giant pillar and walked over a flat piece of land to the beach. It curved left and also curved right but during high tide the right beach is submerged!

So my last day on the beach I thought I should have a day to actually read! I’d brought down a small pile of books and hadn’t the chance to read them. By the time we got back from our adventurous day it was late and I was pretty beat! So this day I thought we shall read! The book that I had brought along with me was ‘Invisable Monsters’ by Chuck Palahniuk. To be honest I’d only looked at the book in waterstones because it had the name chuck on it! I love that name, picked it up, read the blurb and thought this sounds pretty good. I managed to read about 80 pages as I’m not the fastest reader but it was written with such flair. I love the story and how its told. I wont spoil it but I will say a perfect read for fashion lovers who love high society, models, money and power. I’ve still got to finish this too, hopefully sometime soon I can and maybe do a small review? We’ll see!

So I have a funny story regarding the muffin in this picture. A blueberry muffin, something that I don’t often treat myself too, but a week without a chain bought coffee was almost heartbreaking so treated myself and enjoyed the panini and cinnamon latte on the beach. I then took the muffin and put it inside my panini packet, closed that up and put it in a Costa take-out bag. It was then safely put by my bag. So I began to read and my mum said I should go look at the rock pools and she’ll stay with the beach stuff so I agreed and went off. Personally I wanted to read but thought I’ll go check them and took my little brother with me to take photos of the pools. Arrived back home to my mum not by the beach stuff and went to grab ‘that muffin’ and the take-out bag wasn’t around. Checking frantically and began to up end the contents of the beachwear and It was gone. I noticed my latte cup was open, but remembered I’d finished it but kept it near my bag. Only realising that a seagull had had its way with my muffin! The nerve, and the bird later came wondering back! Needless to say I gave it a piece of my mind. Swearing and blaring at it for making off with my muffin treat! Ahaha Next time I’ll remember to eat the muffin first!! Afterwards the whole emotional experience was rather funny and I couldn’t help but laugh to myself about it!!


So back to the post! I took some snaps from the rock pools and here they are! Couldn’t find pools with creatures in but still got some nice photos.

So after the shots of the pools and I was muffinless back at my beach tent, I began to read and take some photos from where I was sitting!

It was really marvellous weather and the reflection off the ocean was beautiful.

I had this fun app which took photobooth style photos which I thought was a bit different!


Now our beach day was coming to an end but before it did I received a phone call! One of my best friends Nay was down in Cornwall as well and we tried to plan to meet up but seemed to be at different ends of Cornwall until this day! Since the beach had 3G, thats right, internet on the beach, wonderful! I’d posted a picture and she had seen it’s location and phoned me and by chance we were both on the same beach. It did take a little while to find each other but once we did it was the best part of the holiday to see a friendly face. We chatted for over an hour since it was a little late and the tide was coming in rather fast. It was a shame we couldn’t meet up more but even once was just smashing!!

-Photo credit to Nay

So after getting trapped around the side of the beach that becomes submerged. Luckily I wasn’t under the sea but since a stream makes its way to the ocean and was fairly deep by this time I had to take the long way back round from that beach to the car park we parked at and back down that flat piece of land to the beach opening. We decided that St.Ives would be where we should dine for dinner.

The view from the car park that was on a very steep hill!

The town was closing since it was late afternoon but the restaurants were already booked and we ended up eating at a little cafe style place. The shops were what I was after and as I’ve said before about how I wanted to do reviews I managed to get into a clothing store before it closed. I met Amy and Suzanne at SeaSalt and chatted to them and they agreed to let me review there store and let you guys know about this hidden gem down in Cornwall. I shall write a whole review in a separate post after I’ve finished this holiday coverage.

After our food we walked around near the harbour and I took some photos!

Here above, a pub with a rather misleading name!

A handmade glass store! Some beautiful pieces inside, sadly it was shut!

An art gallery near the end of the harbour. I love the nude piece as a favourite but also enjoy the sea pieces.

I finally got my Cornish fudge ice-cream! It was great!!!

So after taking pictures of the harbour and shop fronts I took some of the evening by the water!

The evening was beautiful and there was a sunset but hard to see where I was! Needless to say the trip was coming to an end and we eventually made our way back to the camp-site to a very late sleep and looking forward to an early morning!

There is something about Cornwall that is just so different. Its like a different country even though its joined to the main body of England. Its wonderful and the shops all get inspiration from the ocean and the way of life around the Cornish coast.


Goodbye Cornwall until next year!



I hope you have enjoyed following this rather late holiday coverage of my trip to Cornwall. Have you guys ever been, do you live down there or looking forward to experiencing Cornwall from reading my blog posts. Do drop a comment below.


Tomorrow I shall write a small post holiday post with the links to the parts and covering any topics to look forward too on my blog. I would like to thank those who follow for their patience. My blog should be back up to normal speed! Hope I’m not disappointing so far!


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Thank you again for reading!



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