[Daily Life] – Part 5 – Post Holiday To Cornwall

These parts are coming along nicely and nearing the end too! Two more to follow!

So DAY 5! And we headed back to Perranporth beach for more wetsuit fun in the water. The weather was gorgeous and the waves were pretty big. Two things were a downer though, the sea seemed to be made up of jellyfish instead of water and not having your feet protected was always a worry but I thought I wont let that ruin my fun! The second thing was the amount of people now in Cornwall. We had left to come down to Cornwall just before schools ended so for most of the week it was our playground! Lovely right! No que’s, easy parking and empty beaches. Since schools had broken up everyone was at the beach and the marked flagged area for body boarding was heaving. I noticed that on the other beach which is a good 20 minute hike over the beach we were on had less people in the flagged area and we moved to their to catch the waves! It was perfect, HUGE waves and 98% less jellyfish!

So we spent the whole day here, again! So I surfed the whole day! Washing the wetsuits out in the water when we left was a challenge as jellyfish became the floor near the shoreline. And having to get little brother sand free was rather challenging too as he began to jump around in a wreck because ‘THE JELLYFISH! I DONT WANT TO DIE’ I kept reassuring him that these ones don’t hurt you that much, a little sting. They are rather safe in terms of jellyfish. Its the ones with the long tentacles you want to jump around panicking about!

So afterwards it was time for dinner and we travelled from the beach all the way to Padstow! As soon as we got there we headed to the harbour and went straight to an Italian restaurant. We had to wait to be seated but were seated very quickly to a nice open window table. Now my favourite part of the evening was our waitress. I never caught her name but she was absolutely smashing. She was warm, had a great smile too and apart from that was stunningly beautiful if I might add. But it wasn’t just the gushing between us that was wonderful, the food too, and the atmosphere of the restaurant! It over looked the harbour and was one level up from the street so anyone lucky enough to get themselves a window seat could enjoy fine dining with the chance to people watch and over look the harbour. The one downside were the seagulls who are notoriously known for pinching ice creams! As for the window the seagulls swooped and sat right above the shutter so every time it flew at the window I jumped as I thought its coming in the restaurant!

The food was so good as I’ve said above here are the pics!

I had the pizza above and it was so rich with flavour and for once had trouble finishing it! My mum had the carbonara pasta above and the other dishes were starters, fried squid and olives. I also made sure I’d dine with large glass of rose!

So after departing from the gorgeous waitress and kicking myself for not introducing myself) and the restaurant we looked around the harbour and I took some snaps!

Below are shots of the inside of the town.


So this concludes day 5 of my holiday. Another great day out!


Thank you for reading!!


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