[Daily Life] – Part 4 – Post Holiday To Cornwall

Hurray day 4! And hello again to my followers, good afternoon too!

I’ll jump straight in with us going to a new beach this time. Which was a refreshing change. There is one thing you need to know about my mum, when she heads to a beach we have to set up the beach tents and towels like a 20 minute walk from anybody else. Its nice in its sense that its peaceful but to grab a drink or ice cream takes its time! By the time you come back to the towels you are no longer holding an ice lolly just the wooden lolly stick. So this beach was lovely and long and had some rock pools.

So appears I have this weird obsession with taking photos of my feet whilst on holiday!

So after enjoying the beach for a little bit I went rock pooling for the entire duration of the time we spent at the beach. I wanted to find one with sea creatures in and afterwards realised we don’t really live in a place with exciting rock pools! Even though they were still lovely!

This photo below was a huge deep rock pool, it went off into a cave and actually had some crabs in. I managed to capture them on an underwater camera. Which I will upload in a future post, first have to find the camera with the card.

So amongst the rock pools were a few caves, one you could go through and come out the other end, a small one mind you! And there was this cave opening with white water. It was fairly eerie, almost horror film location. It looked beautiful and had to capture it.

So towards the end of rock pooling explored and climber over rocks, you know as you do. I saw this hilarious photo opportunity where a huge rock had obviously fallen into a gap, below is the photo!

It makes me chuckle!

So afterwards we headed to Looe for crabbing! Before we ate at a place I found hidden in a side path in the middle of town. Feeling a bit ‘urgh’ from the pasties or fast food we had been eating I found a little cafe that was very adorable. I’m going to do a post about it as I mentioned in a previous post. It was lovely, the staff were great, food was spot on marvellous.

Afterwards it was crabbing timw so we walked to the end of the town. We set up and were under way! 

My dad ran off to grab a coffee for us both, I’d be lying if I said I’d missed having coffee! There is a sincere lack of coffee chains to the locations I was in down in Cornwall!

So I had a little vanilla latte which was very sweet! I then went off to take some snaps of the end of the town. But before I did my little brothers were the ones crabbing, and one of them went to throw their lines in but threw the whole crabbing line and handle in. His began to cry and me being me burst into laughter and tried to comfort him. After looking around for something to grab it I though why not use this crab line I’m holding to fish it out and with luck managed to get it with one throw! Still laughing and now with a happier brother they went back to crabbing with dad and I headed off.

Below is the view from the crabbing spot! In the picture you’ll see some scaffolding, you are meant to be able to walk there but it was submerged by water. Its funny as the people going across it had to take off their shoes and socks to get past it!

Nice car with a nice view!


So after crabbing for a little while and within 10 minutes went from the weather from the photos above to this…

And because I had taken off my shoes to sit on the edge to crab, I had to put them back on and tie the laces. Needless to say It chucked it down and I just thought why rush Tom you are already soaked and continue to tie up my shoes! It hit so quick and we all ran back to the car which was the other side of the town.

So that was my fourth day!


Thanks for checking it out guys!

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