[Daily Life] – Part 3 – Post Holiday To Cornwall

Hi there guys! I’ve been a little busy with my new job and trying to get these holiday parts out quickly. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this post!

So day 3 came around and we were a little more adventurous. We started with a tradition and headed to Trago Mill’s. Now for those who do not know, Trago Mill’s is a shop with restaurant that supplies stuff from, food, to clothing, textiles, carpets, ornaments to compost. It is quite frankly like having Wal-Mart in England. So towards the Mill we past wind turbines and quickly caught a snap.

I quite like wind turbines and cannot understand how they are an eye sore! I think they are swell!

Ok, so Trago Mills and after parking headed to the ‘traditional’ breakfast. The budget breakfast and then you add to it! It was marvelous. So naturally I pigged out. Scone and all! Havent had a scone in so long. Last one was at a little cafe in a village fairly near mine. I shall go back there and do a review!

So here are a few shots of the mill. I think the history behind these places were the fact they were functioning water mills. Then got converted in a chain store. I love the outside of the buildings and the fact this place is buried deep in a pine forest with natural rivers around it.

So after this we headed to a direction of a huge forest. We got a little lost and found these little bridges.

So next after this we headed in the right direction to the forest. We took the shortest walk and stopped for some drinks. I had lemonade and it was indescribably beautiful. I’ve never had a lemonade that was so fresh and organic tasting. Usually I only get my lemonade from Waitrose unless I make some but this was smashing!

I’m quite proud of my natural sun flare effect using the leaves on the trees.

The little cafe was a small stone house in which was situated alone in the forest in a clearing. It felt like a Cath Kidston style furnished interior just without the floral prints. I guess Country Living fits it more! Very country and very British.

Here is a picture of the outside.

It was absolutely quaint and adorable. The seating area was from my position to the cottage.

So after this we headed to another forest walk with little waterfalls.

We started along the trail and headed towards the area where the little waterfall rapids were.

So below I stood in the middle of the river and thought why not, go for it Tom.

This photo I really like of myself. I love the lighting and the position and my hair, I’d had it cut before my holiday and was sceptical because it was huge change to the normal style I go for but its currently growing on me and loving it. Now as I write this its got more length and I’m allowed to lift the whole front up. 

Alongside the river are old mine related foundations. I saw an old tin mine entrance, the bars had been snapped open! I did not want to even go in just in case I was jumped by whatever might be in there!!

I’ve got more of the waterfalls but need to go through them and find the best ones. I prefer this one for the colour of the water. I jumped over the rocks into the middle of the river. My family were sitting and a little further back towards the trail other people were watching me jump the rocks. And well I’t didn’t bother me I just sat and enjoyed my surroundings.


So this sums up my third day in Cornwall. We explored a lot of forest ground and I got some great shots and inspiration for my fashion designs.


Thanks for reading guys and any comments are welcome below!

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 Thank you for reading and please look forward to the next part of my holiday post! Apologies for the delay.




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