[Daily Life] – Part 2 – Post Holiday To Cornwall

So my second day was upon me and this is what we got up to!

We headed back to Perranporth as it was a great beach. Personally I wanted to explore a new beach and get the most of week but since parents were the drivers it was their call. Next year I’ll go down with them but in my own car and maybe with some friends? Would be fun!!



So after taking a dorky photo of myself we left to head to another place which would become the best spot for 3G in all of Cornwall. As we left we passed some Cornish clothing stores. I took a snap for my old house mate Georgina, because she would appreciate this. The colours were really rich and heavy in nature, extremely summery in design too.


So the spot we headed to next was out in the middle of nowhere. Well it wasn’t, it was on the edge of nowhere as it over looked the ocean. To my surprise it had fast 3G and it was clear, no break ups in connection. It was nice to check Twitter, Facebook and emails! (those piled up loads)


So checking my phone now, my photos seemed to have been mapped all over the map section in the photos app on my iphone letting me find out the names of the places I ventured to. This little coastal edge place was near St. Agnes near a road called Penwinnick Road.

Here are the snaps of the location.

It was a rather pretty location which gave me the chance to take some nice photos of the old buildings. The area around it was covered in heathland type plants prone to sea air and weather conditions. Between the heather were numerous thorn type plants, and me being a guy had to see how spiky they were and yes they were indeed rather nasty.


Afterwards we left to head to another beach for the evening, only for a short amount of time as we were there to meet other people my mother knows at a pub. (They ended up not turning up, or either did an hour before because my mum was late to meet them. Before we left to the last beach we passed a McDonald’s I shouted up to have one!

I know, not the healthiest thing but sometimes its just so nice to have one!

Ok to the beach.

So after I spent a while just staring in the ocean and watching the waves come in we went to meet these people at the pub. The pub itself had an odd name and was extremely historical in its background because the building was so small. I walked along inside it with my head titled over because I was too tall for the low ceiling!


So this concluded my second day and part 2 of this huge blog post!

It wasnt the busiest of days but we still saw some lovely places and I was able to take some great photos.


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Thankyou for reading!

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