[Daily Life] – Part 1- Post Holiday To Cornwall

(Big post to be done in multiple posts)

Hello, hello! I’m back from my holiday to Cornwall! All I can say is this will be quite a lengthy post so over multiples posts would be easier for you guys to read! So anyway I’m back and able to blog and I’ve got a nice tan and a lot of new news!!

Lets start by saying that I apologise for my inactivity! We stayed in an area inwhich phone signal or 3G just did not exist!!

So the camp site is next to Lostwithiel which is near to a bigger town called St Austell. My family included, mum, dad and two of the three younger brothers. The second oldest stayed at home to work.

They got a lodge to stay in and I was to be sleeping in a tent! At first I thought great! But it was nice and dry just a little dew in the morning. So my home was this for a week!

The lodge below was only insured for 4 people to stay in overnight so hence why I was thrown into a tent! The lodge I was able to chill out though and was like a little house!

So my hand luggage was light and my suitcase I brought a huge array of clothes so I was prepared since England’s weather predictions are about as real as fat free yoghurt. Below includes some reading material, moisturiser for my dry hands and my smashing £20 hair clay. Aveda is such a good make. Works wonders on my hair! And being a guy, hair is one thing I’m always fussy about!!

Additional items during the trip were more camera film, a disposable camera, iPhone, wallet, sunglasses and DS. In the shot above are the books I planned to read! I did better than I predicted among the great weather I wanted to get sun and explore but had one last day at the beach where I was able to read the above book – Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. It is a great book and I’m loving it!! Since I’m a guy who likes clothes I’m not that typical fashion guy lover, I still love lord of the rings style books and cities under the ocean which the other books I brought along with me contained those concepts!

Since I was extremely trigger happy I have an unhealthy amount of photos to choose from so I’m keeping it brief but later after this main post might post some nice snaps I like! It was hard since I really only had my iPhone to take photos and able to view and edit them excluding those film snaps I took and being an iPhone the battery wasn’t my friend and had a few narrowly missed escapes before phone died!!

My plan in a previous post was the find little stores and do some posts about them and what they are like. Little gems that aren’t big chain stores in the cities. Cornwall is lovely for those little treasures because its a different place down there. Everything is inspired by the ocean and since the weather was wonderful and I don’t drive yet I wasn’t able to get as many business cards as I wanted but I got two which is a start! One cafe and a clothing store with a couple of other chains around the area! So next year I’ll drive down behind parents and maybe take some friends and get a lodge or have a tent!

So we spent most the week on a beach until late evening.

So this above is Perranporth beach which is a renowned surfing spot! So two days I spent in a wetsuit body boarding or at least trying too. I much prefer to just jump the huge waves! Its also apparent I need to work out a little more!

So the evening arrived and we decided to eat at a nice italian spot and nice is an understatement, if there is one thing I adore it is good food. I cannot stand people who do not appreciate food. My moto I live by is ‘Enjoy food to the fullest but eat well and fair’.

I cannot remember the name of the place but its near the seafront. I also tried my first mussel! I had chicken with spinach and cheese inside. Much like a chicken kiev but no breadcrumbs!

After Dinner we went back to the beach to get some sunset pictures. My phone at this point was on about 9% battery and by the time I got back to the lodge to charge it, 1%.

The blues and greens of the little shallow water pools were beautiful. And because of the beach location it washes in many jellyfish. I’d seen a lot on the beach and in the water when body boarding and found this little section above with 2 swimming in!

Before the meal I forgot to mention we had Cornish ice cream. Its beautiful and the flavours are never ending. One ice cream spot in Padstow which I shall mention later had this array of wonderful flavours! My all time favourite is Cornish fudge ice cream with the little fudge chunks in. Its one of the reasons I said yes to going down to Cornwall in the first place!!

That was day one! It was a lengthy day!

Part 2 to come very soon! Hopefully this is easier to read then one huge long post that doesn’t seem to end!

Thank you for reading so far!!

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Cheers guys!


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