[Recipes] – Brewing The Perfect Cup Of Tea

Good morning! Currently enjoying the sunshine after waking up early! Decided to eat grapes outside whilst I drank some tea! I’ve been thinking of what makes a great cup of tea and I’ve been to places where a tea was given to me and it was too milky and not how I like it! I think its important to know tea and it is a personal taste, so decided to get some research for any followers who might want to know the types of tea you can make. Hope you enjoy this post!!

Right this is important! Being British and loving tea to an unhealthy level, well lets face it tea is good for you! Aha, but I do drink plenty of it. Its important to know that tea can be brewed into many levels of flavour. And the time spent brewing tea is important too and how you brew it too. I feel its an art form! So I’ve researched and found a very nice tea strength chart to which I shall present to you guys!

This chart is a gooden because Her Majesty the Queen will go by this whilst she enjoys a perfect brew!

Now tea for me I have a large variety, the normal everyday tea, perfume tea, green tea and berry tea. I’ve ventured and experimented and to be fair I like most of them. The only style of tea I am not fond of is mint flavoured. Leave the mint for your toothpaste thank you!

So here are my current teas. Its actually is quite a love, I feel excited when I walk down the tea aisle at the store because I just love the variety. I love my PG Tips tea tin in which I got for the Queens Diamond Jubilee in 2012, inside though are my Clippers unbleached teabags. Which I swear make a perfect cup of everyday tea each time I use one.

The other tin contains my Twinnings green tea with lemon which are lovely! Refreshing and really good for you and great with lunch or dinner.

Twinning berries tea and below my new Twinnings mango and strawberry tea which I tried last night and it was very nice and fruity!

My favourite tea is Ceylon. There is something about it, it took me a little time to find out you do need too much milk, I prefer a little milk with it. Its got that everyday cup of tea taste but with a twist. This subtle perfume’y flavour really enhances the overall taste. Its my perfect cup of tea! 

I’ve found two sites which help show how to make those perfect cups of tea and the different types. Its worth a read to see if it can help you enhance your own cups of tea a little!

Twinnings – http://www.twinings.com/int/l2c_perfect_cup.php

Rare Tea Company – http://www.rareteacompany.com/recipes/how-to-make-the-perfect-cup-of-tea/


So there you have it! Hope this has helped a little! Another favourite brand I used to get as a treat during uni days were Teapigs teabags. Smashing cups they made!!

Thanks for reading!



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