[Fashion News] – Wide Leg Pants Are In!

Enjoying the morning in the countryside and I just read an article specifying some great news. Celebrities seem to have hung up those skin tight almost painted jeans/pants and converted to a looser fit casual pair of pants for those casual and red carpet events. Stars such as Nicole Richie & Solange Knowles have been photographed wearing a stylish pair. The trim which depending on the person might need to be adjusted to show the tip of the shoe. It is a nice smart look which is chic and light, which is perfect for the heat this summer is packing. Different variations of design are available from the heads in the fashion world. Pair it of with a blazer and you are going out! Smashing!

Left is Solange Knowles the beautiful sister to Beyonce and she looks elegant and fierce.

Original Article is here for those interested. http://news.instyle.com/2013/07/15/wide-leg-pants-celebrity-trend/?iid=shop_like_a_fashion_editor-HB10-1P-Move%20Over%20Skinnies!%20Celebrities%20Love%20Wide-Leg%20Pants%20More

Thank you for reading!


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