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So I’ve decided that I wanted to do some sales shopping segments in a previous post and yesterday I went out to Basingstoke Festival Place to ideally go grab some shorts for my Cornwall trip at the end of the week. I’ve been living in sports clothing since I’ve left my uni flat, I wont lie its extremely comfy and especially with this heat wave we are (sweatingly) enjoying its light to wear.

Anyway back to the main topic, I had store credit for Sports Direct in which I bought 3 items over going the store credit by £5-6. Since I’m shopping on the cheap I had a look at TK MAXX and luckily found some shops which I believe to be the same as the shorts I was going to buy on eBay. What luck! I then splurged a little and bought some DVD’s and a CD from HMV.

So in Sports Direct I went in with my voucher for some more compression shorts, the only pair I have are falling apart so trying a couple brands to see if I like them and are comfortable. I found these hidden below the other compression shorts and they were far cheaper and the material had a little more sheen but seemed stronger. The brand was Sonbico.

I have worn the compression shorts today with a jock underneath for extra comfort/protection with running shorts on top. During my cycle I noticed that they were extremely comfy if not on the smaller side. I went for a large in the store but should have gone for an extra large. That is the only downside of lycra go up a couple sizes! Even saying that I can still wear these so happy with the purchase!

So next were some more running shorts! I looked for a long time because there were mountains of clothes in the shop. Its a little daunting because you think, “Where do I start!”. Alas I came across these blue shorts which made a refreshing choice from the black ones I usually go for! They are pretty great!

So after finding these sports apparel, I thought why not root around at the clothing in the store. I do not usually go for the sports brands to wear out because I prefer my countryside prep look. But since its summer and the heat is making me want to not wear clothes, vest tops seemed to be a good idea.

I found this Lee Cooper tank top/wife beater/vest what ever you would prefer to call it. Its quite loud in terms of design but sometimes being a little crazy is good. They look well with the shorts I had bought. The shorts were similar to chino’s material and style and rolled up at the bottom. Sadly I don’t like the polka dot in seam design at the bottom so I will plan to sew on a preferred material. It makes me happy that I can alter clothes now I’ve got a sewing machine for those little things. Smashing! So the last piece of clothing I got and it was the fastest I’ve ever gone into a shop and bought a pair of shoes were the plimsole style slip on shoes similar to Vans shoes. After flirting with the cashier girl I got my pair for £14.99 and in about 5 mins. She was very helpful and we both flirted!

So my day I managed to get well one outfit for about £35 (excluding the belt). It was a good day and was nice to splurge a little from all the saving from odd jobs I’ve been doing.

I have also decided to label posts in regarding the topics my blog covers! Hopefully I can do it each post but still need to check how to do it on my phone! Sales Fashion seems like a nice title, so the other blog posts in the future that cover my charity shop hunting or any sales shopping will be organised into a section called “[Sales Fashion]”. Seems like a good idea to make it nice and organised! Easier for the readers who might like to read a back issue! Whilst on holiday I’m making a blog plan thats easier for me with exact topics so I can get some order on here!

Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment with any questions or experiences!
Have a good evening!

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