2ne1 – Korean Queens Of Music, Art & Fashion


Meet 2ne1 I have been following them since they were new on YouTube. Their début ‘Fire’ was clicked on and BOOM something inside of me said these girls are going to go far. Now look at them, multi memorable music tracks, broke through internationally, a world tour, one of the first for a Korean girl group, personally knowing Jeremy Scott and collaborating with him and doing all this whilst staying true to themselves. Legendary!

2ne1 consists of 4 members

CL (Lee Chaerin) – Leader, Vocals, Rap

Minzy (Gong Minji) – Vocals, Rap, Lead Dancer

Dara (Park Sandara) – Vocals

Bom (Park Bom) – Lead Vocals



These four girls work so well together and bring this atmospheric and multicultural approach to their music. Each song for me has been very memorable, each song also has its own culture. Inspired by art, music, fashion, the world, making people happy through dance and song they have created all these tracks which to me are as strong as Michael Jacksons work. Each one powerful enough to stand on its own!



The group is under the label YG in South Korea. CL who is Jeremy Scott’s muse and my muse for my own artwork was told by her label executives to get plastic surgery. Now a fair few other groups have gone through with the executives commands but CL said no. And too right too, she is perfect the way she is! and I REALLY respect her for that. The world has an image problem and in fashion its all about the person instead of the clothes now, I mean really, look at the skeletal girls that walk the runway. It is young ladies like CL who will inspire and really help the future generation.



Their style is actually quite hard to sum up for me because its so vast and unique. Basically its a huge mixture of, rap, pop, dance, hip hop, electro pop but it branches into so many different cultures, its beautiful, its like moving art. They are evolving and changing like artists do but they appreciate their roots which is what makes them unforgettable.


Now fashion magazine ELLE interviewed CL (and 2ne1) which you can read here in this link: http://www.elle.com/news/culture/cl-2ne1-jeremy-scott-muse Its a great interview. I feel she is my other half, she is definitely what I respect and look for in a girl! And being told she is ugly is just so far-fetched, she is real, passioniate about making other people happy and creating forms of art! The way she thinks too! I guess she is the female version of myself.



Their iconic style through their colour palette and fashion is another great thing about them! Its kind of what drew me in.Its fierce and edgy and well when someone comes across it, its easy to recognise that its a 2ne1 look. CL’s approach to the industry is basically what the industry is lacking. We need more females to stand up. Right now if I was to list my favourite female artists within the industry I would say, CL, Lana Del Rey, Iggy Azalea & Azealia Banks. I swear I had another and for the life of me cannot remember! But these women have drive and stand up tall which is admirable. I’m all for equality and female artists have that right to be thought of more in the industry. It seems however more and more artists are standing strong and I admire them for it greatly!



So its safe to say I am a huge fan, I’m a Blackjack which is their collective name for a 2ne1 fan! They are truly inspiring and I could go on and on but this is getting fairly lengthy as a post. They really are the queens of music, art and fashion. 2ne1 seems to just be 2 steps ahead of every other Korean group and always produce phenomenal art whether its personal messages through music, dance moves, fashion or style. Since I’m heading into fashion, Korea seems to be a place where my ideas and creative mind would fit right in. I would LOVE to meet this group and in the future design for them. Have them over for a cuppa tea! I feel we would all get along! Its one of those things where they are so great that its hard for me to really describe them.

CL – “We want to be an icon instead of being an idol. Since presenting good music to the public is the job of a singer, we want to give hope to the ones who are working for their dreams. We want to be that confident icon that represents women”



I would just like to finally add, there are things, people and objects that I hold close to my heart. 2ne1 is one of them, their music and vision gave me the hope, promise and confidence in myself that I needed to stand up tall and now I am heading to the top with my dream and once I am there, I am going to bring all those who’ve supported me, up with me!



2ne1 the fierce ominous movement.
Thank you for reading. Have a good day!


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