The Unfogettable South Korean Style

The picture above of the infamous CL (Lee Chaelin) from my FAVOURITE South Korean girl group 2ne1. I truly appreciate her as an individual and artist. Not to mention the other members of the group as well! (future post will be done!)

I am a huge fan of K-pop (Korean Pop) groups from South Korea. Among western pop groups they strive to be on another level and its safe to say that they are! Western pop is all very ‘samey’ to me, rarely does a pop song come on and I say to myself, hey that’s actually really good! South Korea on the other hand are fierce and produce these unforgettable dances and music videos, but as a fashion lover the fashion style they use is something that catches my eye within the beginning of their videos! I’ve been a fan of mainly girl groups in South Korea because personally I prefer female singing. The groups though all have great fashion sense. Their videos look perfect, it feels everything has a place!

But on a fashion related side (and I will do some posts about the actual K-pop groups I love and their style in the art world) Asia seems to have the sharpest look. Take for example on Asian fashion. What ever the fabric, colour, design and style, Asian women and men seem to be able to get away with wearing any clothing and looking good in it. I know that it is something that my friends and myself have been envious of. As a western guy I appreciate how Asia, Korea is specific drive themselves to be presented well, their adverts, billboards, music videos all have this polished look on them, I feel that they appreciate presentation which in today’s world is a nice thing to do, to present yourself well. I want to do some future posts showing fashion in Korea and cover some of the K-pop groups I’ve enjoyed listening too and maybe after you read these posts you will find a new love for this very presented culture!

Picture credit – Google Images

Many thanks for reading and I hope you look forward to these future posts!
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