July & Sunshine

Hello to all my readers!!

What is this weather, doesn’t feel like England at all! Beautiful heatwave, the glasses of Pimms are being enjoyed, the Greek taverna music is playing (well in my room, hopefully persuades the parents to a trip to Corfu!), the Wimbledon final is on! Its like a completely different atmosphere when this type of weather is out!

So this morning, enjoying my tea in the garden I was flicking through the Waitrose weekend, (free paper they have in the store). I’ve been collecting these because they are a great read! They are light, full of recipes, little articles and positive news.

There were articles on Pimms and I read a timeline of where it started from! Beautiful recipes which I will be trying in the future. Its all just very lovely, I really love Waitrose they just really care and go that extra mile for their customers.

My dad came in with a wheelbarrow of strawberries, this was only one batch he says there are more up at the allotment! He and my mum are making strawberry jam with it all! The strawberries are actually the right size because they are different ones you get in the store! These small ones pack so much flavour and aroma!

I would also like to apologise for the day I hadn’t blogged anything. It had been one of those weeks, exhausted from helping my dad at his work, one of those weeks when most the things you do something goes wrong! Come Friday I had a large glass of wine and then face first hit the pillow. I also prefer to blog from my laptop instead of my iPhone because more options! But hopefully getting used to the iPhone which should make blogging more easier if I am away from my laptop!

Anyway, yesterday I decided to just go on a bike ride, I enjoy riding even when its this weather and I’m saying to myself come on Tommy you can make it up this hill! So I left my village and headed all around the countryside and must have been cycling for a good 3 hours excluding the little stop I did at my friends house! They were watching the Wimbledon game on and it was just so chilled in their house! So topped off my water bottle and cycled back home. Had to get ready fairly quickly for a surprise invite to a BBQ with my friend Meg and her sister and new husband hosting it. It was a great evening, finally felt like old times with uni friends, this group of an older crowd just enjoyed everything and had fun. Lots of good drink and food went round and many stories. I think they all enjoyed having me round as I made them laugh really hard a good collection of times. It was a brilliant night and thoroughly enjoyed that sort of company. I’ve been missing that since I left ‘The Crew’ who were a group of friends I lived with and friends with from uni! I felt more at home with last nights BBQ crew! So a huge thank you to them all for the invite and to the hosts, congratulations for recently getting married!

My parents also told me we are heading to Cornwall at the end of the month! Which will be very nice. The past several years I’ve opted to just stay at home, this year I just thought, go Tom!! So I’m looking forward to having a huge number of post opportunities and maybe find some little stores which sell handmade jewellery to which I can blog about and maybe get them some new customers through my blog! I shall collect business cards and really go for it whist enjoying a little break. Although its not leaving England its beautiful down Cornwall with lots of great food, fresh seafood I might add! Great views, old buildings and just a lovely atmosphere! The thing I’m most looking forward to is the Cornish fudge ice cream they make, it beats any other ice cream around even Ben & Jerry’s/Häagen-Dazs. So a trip away from home and I’m very much looking forward to it!!

Today I had a dilemma, The Alton Show is a show to which many people attend, full of very country related things, stalls, animals, horse shows and food. Its a BIG event each year which is held. I’ve been wanting to go for years since I was in college I believe was the last time I went! The best stall was the frozen yoghurt stall! I used to have apple and cinnamon fro-yo and it was mind blowingly flavourful. Sadly this year two things were booked so I’m instead heading to a BBQ, I tried to get to go to both but because I’m not driving myself I wasn’t able to get up to the show and then head to the BBQ! Next year definitely I will attend regardless of what else is on that day!

Before I head to the BBQ, down the road from it is my aunties house and I will be giving her two presents, the Yuna CD I had bought and a large bag of collected milk bottle caps from my uni days! I got my whole household to save them because my auntie is collecting them for a charity and if she collects a certain amount the charity will be given a wheelchair for someone to use. She currently has mountains of bottle caps so hopefully the amount I’ve been collecting should be a nice chunk added!

So that is currently only what’s really happened in the past few days, some exciting news! I’ve hoped you have enjoyed reading this! NOW I hope everyone England based is enjoying the sun!! Get out there with some Pimms and have a great day!

Thank you!


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