Steadfast Denim

My mother told me years ago that denim will never go out of fashion. Its that one miracle fabric that will forever be able to to be worn whatever the season and still look good. There are of course varied styles of cut within denim clothing. I myself enjoy slim fit jeans for my tall slim build. However I need a new pair or two since they have appear to have shrunk over the years!!

What I have been looking for is a denim shirt or jacket and for the life of me cannot find a nice one anywhere! Hopefully soon no?

I came across this article with photographer: Annemarieke van Drimmelen capturing these simple denim piece shoots. I like how subtle and effortless the photos come across. It is some seriously beautiful photography even with the denim material which can be quite a challenge to photograph nicely. Well I thought so anyway! Have a look at the photos in the link below!

Let me know what you think? Any thoughts comment below!

Thanks for reading!

(Photo credit Annemarieke van Drimmelen)


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