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Upon this rather overcast day here in Hampshire I was having a good think about what I could write about, since I have a lot of personal posts but would prefer to upload them sometime in the future, I needed a good strong blog post.

Thinking back to my last year in my uni house and fashion, well money was tight, I couldn’t afford food at times. Living in a fairly expensive countryside town known for being fairly pricey it was the location of my university and I lived there to also save costs on travel, being able to walk to uni was great!. On the money note I had two big shops once my loan came in. The items were sale items from ASOS. My house mate Georgina talked me into looking at charity shop fashion and finding some vintage apparel.

I myself was completely new to this and had passed these second hand shops every day during my journey to my university. My style is I feel my own, I buy clothes because I like them and create my own outfits and mix items of clothing so I can use them and not forget about them. I’ve got my lounge style clothing for home, sleep and those lazy days!! But for any time I am out the house and not in cycling attire I will dress smartly regardless of where I am heading. As I have said in a previous post I wear shirts, slim jeans, slim chinos, sweaters and various other jumpers. My style is so mixed because I love so many different styles (perfect for the fashion related job I want), looking at it all it could well be charity shop related because you have a good mixture there too. With my shoes too I love brown leather shoes, they are great for many outfits and I have got both my pairs in TKMAXX in the sale sections. Perfect at £20 a pair! BARGAIN!!

Since money was tight and again it is tight now, I’ve only looked at the shops near me I personally couldn’t find anything apart from a couple of knitwear sweaters which another house mate got instead. So my plan is to go and do a couple of shops and see if I can put together some outfits just with charity shop purchases. This I will do towards the future once I hear back from these jobs I’ve applied for!

My house mate Gerogina however was crazy when it came to clothing and enjoys snapping up bargains and reuses her collection of clothes. She’s a good inspiration because the clothing she no longer wants she either sells on eBay or donates to charity organisations. She has managed to find a huge collction of vintage clothing from charity shops and when I go out I shall take her with me to show me the ropes! Since I would like to do a couple of trips to shops, Reading and London should be our locations because a huge range of shops are located there.

Thrift stores in America seem more glamorous in size and collection. I would be lovely to go to a couple of those maybe one day in the future!!

Apart from going to the shops I shall in the meantime be looking online to see what is avaliable. It appears from the little bit of research I’ve done during my year at uni and recently charity shops seem to hold more female clothing to males only having a limited space for apparel. But if you look hard enough you can find some good items.

Here are some links I’ve been looking at regarding charity shops.

Oxfam which is a HUGE charity has a great website with a huge collection of items! Worth a look!

This blog about thrifting and creating, it is quite nice with some lovely posts. I’m not too sure if the owner has abandoned it though.

The best charity shops in London!!

Well this was a long post! But hopefully its helped and maybe inspired a few to start looking at charity shops and seeing that clothes do not need to come straight from a retail shop to be affordable and look good! Hunt around and see if you can find some treasures.

Also feel free to comment below if you are already a thrifter shopper! Or even if you know of any good shops in London or around the south of England!

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