Alexis Mabille: Meet My Teen Couture Clients

Original article – ELLA ALEXANDER
Photo credit – GoRunway—clients-are-becoming-younger

Quick morning post before i head of to help my gran with the gardening! This is an interesting article regarding what ages clients can start to buy couture. But from watching Gossip Girl it isn’t that much of a surprise to me but others may find it a good read. It says girls at the age of 12 are becoming clients mostly due to family involvement and having the knowledge passed down to them.

The odd thing as some would say couture is for a more appreciative and mature age of lady, but it seems there is a demographic for girls aged 12. Have yourself a good read at the link above with your cup of tea and maybe comment below with your response? Do you think girls aged 12 are too young to truly appreciate couture. Do you see it as a rite of passage? Let me know what you think!

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