It’s Alexa: Buy The Book

Original article – ELLA ALEXANDER Picture credit – Vogue | August 2010—named-it It’s ALEXA CHUNG everyone!! Alexa Chung has many pre-ordering her début book entitled It. The book itself focusses mainly on her favourite things and musings. Almost like an inspiration wall many students I know had during uni, I myself included! One day I would … More It’s Alexa: Buy The Book

Artists To Watch – The Bloom Twins

Original article – ELLA ALEXANDER -The Bloom Twins New and onto the scene are the Bloom twins, a haunting duo from Ukraine but now based in the UK. Currently whilst writing this I’m listening to their cover and I have goosebumps. Extremely beautiful sound and style please go and support these new artists. They … More Artists To Watch – The Bloom Twins

Art-tea time

Original article – Hello, the past couple of days have been rather busy! I attended a collage party for a friend and then busy house work and job hunting! Able to blog a little before another friends birthday party! I shall be leaving at 2:45 so gives me a little time to blog and then … More Art-tea time

Galliano’s Former Tutor Launches Book

Original article – ELLA ALEXANDER—named-within Howard Tangye has released a book that showcases some 52 of his personal drawings. The original article is definitely worth a read, just click the link above. His work is known for its design and illustration approach. Some beautiful work, great for those interesting in following a similar route in … More Galliano’s Former Tutor Launches Book

French Couturier Jean-Louis Scherrer Dies

Original article: ELLA ALEXANDERPicture credit: Rex Features—french-couturier–designer   Good evening to my followers, Sad news yesterday regarding the death of Jean-Louis Scherrer. The French Fashion couturier passed away at the age of 78 after battling a lengthy illness. The full cover article is on the link above. My thoughts go out to the fashion community and of … More French Couturier Jean-Louis Scherrer Dies


Good afternoon to my followers! Cycling… Is my new hobby! Since I have mentioned that I had done an animation course, the hours put into such a course doesn’t give you a lot of free time to exercise. In my case because I was struggling with the course any free time I was working. Because … More Cycling!

It’s Official: Britain Invented Luxury Menswear

Original article by: ELLA ALEXANDER – 12th June 2013Picture credit: FirstVIEW I really love this article, it gives me patriotic pride to be a proud of my British roots! A majority of my friends were dipped in so much different heritage I felt so plain compared to them. I have not yet looked into my past in … More It’s Official: Britain Invented Luxury Menswear

Dolce And Gabbana Found Guilty

Original article by: ELLA ALEXANDER – 19th June 2013—sentenced-to-prison Some breaking fashion news as Dolce & Gabbana have been sentanced to one year and eight months in prison. They had been found guilty of tax evasion. Full and the original story in the link above! I am most probably not the only one but as … More Dolce And Gabbana Found Guilty