Homemade Fresh Raspberry & Lavender Lemonade

Good afternoon to my followers. Currently enjoying a family BBQ whilst I write this quick little post. I’ve wanted to cook since I’ve been back from uni and I mean cook cook, not student style meals because funds are low and time isn’t fair. Properly cook, well create something for people to enjoy. I decided lemonade!

I wanted to make cloudy lemonade but since I had printed off many different recipes I had found on my Pinterest account I was lost. So I improvised a little, but mainly followed this stunning recipe from ‘Delia Creates’. LINK BELOW!


Picture credit – Delia Creates

Fresh Raspberry & Lavender Lemonade – and let me tell you it is beautifully refreshing. Especially for my first attempt. I’ve got many good comments about it at this family BBQ. Next ones to try are my friends whom I’m meeting up with later in this week.

Here are some of my pictures from the making of it! Enjoy! And guys seriously try and make this because its on a different taste level to store bought lemonade, even the high end organic lemonade some stores such as Waitrose or Marks & Spencer hold. (Even though they are still very nice!!)


We here are having a lovely day and its great to see my family! Its been made nicer with the lemonade recipe from Delia so hats off to you!! If any of you decide to make this recipes let me know how it turns out and if you need any help feel free to comment below! Many thanks for reading!!

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday!


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